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The Human Body Energy Centers, Beautiful! (1 of 3)
The Human Body Energy Centers, Beautiful! (2 of 3)
The Human Body Energy Centers, Beautiful! (3 of 3)

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mickey mausssss disse...

para celebrar o may day....

Christopher DeLaurenti:

4 Protest Symphonies
To celebrate May Day
and the 40th anniversary of May '68,
UbuWeb is pleased to present 4 full-length audio pieces based on various protest actions by this Seattle-based composer.
"N30: Live at the WTO Protest, November 30, 1999" is an aggressively edited orthophonic "you are there" recording. Spattered by pepper spray, enshrouded in tear gas and pelted with rubber bullets, Delaurenti was engulfed in maelstrom of drums, slogans, chants, screaming and violence.

"N30: Who guards the Guardians?" is a 57-minute radiophonic work depicting how law enforcement acted and reacted on that unforgettable day in Seattle history when thousands gathered in Seattle to protest the World Trade Organization.

"Two Secret Wars" presents audio recorded at an Anti-War Rally in Seattle on December 8, 2002; and "Live in New York at the Republican National Convention Protest, September 2 - August 28, 2004" welds combative field recordings of the various protests and art actions with police transmissions, NOAA weather alerts, radio broadcast anomalies (splashes and sprays of tape hiss, enigmatic numbers glossolalia, crude phase encoding), and wild card audio snatched from the airwaves into a vivid soundscape of dissent.