quinta-feira, dezembro 10, 2009

Manifestos de 1953 e 1962


By John Cage for Rauschenberg's White Paintings:
"To whom, No subject, No image, No taste, No object, No beauty, No
talent, No technique (no why), No idea, No intention, No art, No
feeling, No black, No white no (and). After careful consideration I
have come to the conclusion that there is nothing in these paintings
that could not be changed, that they can be seen in any light and are
not destroyed by the action of shadows. Hallelujah! the blind can see
again; the water is fine."

And then Ad Reinhardt's manifesto for his own "Art as Art" principle:
"No lines or imaginings, no shapes or composings or representings, no
visions or sensations or impulses, no symbols or signs or impastos, no
decoratings or colorings or picturings, no pleasures or pains, no accidents
or ready-mades, no things, no ideas, no relations, no attributes,
no qualities-nothing that is not of the essence."

Delicadamente e explicitamente furtado do super texto de Benjamin Buchloh, "A arte conceitual  de 1962 a 1969". (tem em inglês, direto da revista October e em espanhol, na internet)